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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide professional and exceptional services to our partners; to create warm and thoughtful services to our residents evoking the serene community we call home


About Us

HH FUND is a student housing owner and operator, focusing on investment opportunities and management of student and post graduate housing. HH FUND is dedicated to providing professional and exceptional services to our equity partners. Founded in 2015 and relied on its global fundraising ability, asset management capability and its professional property management team, HH FUND is dedicated to provide professional and exceptional services to our equity partners. Meanwhile, HH FUND is committed to explore and discovery high quality student housing projects surrounding top ranked universities. Currently, HH FUND owns and operates over 5,000 beds, 12 properties in 6 states and serving more than 10 prestigious universities.

By implementing “value-added” strategy includes international marketing and provide a full range of student services to its residents, HH FUND significantly increased occupancy. By partnering with HH Red Stone to optimizing the onsite staff and improving efficiency, HH FUND greatly reduced management costs. HH FUND has become a well-known student housing owner and operator in one of the fastest growing Real Estate sectors in the United States, and is on track to become a public REIT in near future.


As one of the niche markets in real estate, the student housing sector is known for its strong resistance to market volatility and for providing a stable return.


HH FUND is constantly searching for off the market acquisition opportunities. We are committed to achieving a higher level of investment returns by acquiring cash flow properties with probability value- added momentum.


HH FUND is committed to discovering high potential student housing projects while working in the direction to become a public REIT in the near future. The REIT we create will offer our investors more diversified product choices with an even higher level of transparency along with tax advantages.

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