Welcome Mr. Zhenshan Yao Come To Visit HH FUND

Mr. Zhenshan Yao visited HH FUND in Mid-September of 2017. Haoyu Wang, CEO of HH FUND, and the team warmly welcomed Mr. Yao, and took a tour to the three estates HH FUND purchased in Baltimore.

Zhenshan Yao, former Vice President of Beijing Hairong Consulting Co., Ltd. He graduated with the major of securities investment, and became the host of the “Securities News” at the People’s Broadcasting Station in 1997. This program filled in the gap of midday securities review programs and became the most popular securities program at the noon time. In 1998, he started a new section in the program the “China Business Daily” to introduce the operating skills and investment theories; this program is among investors; in 2000, he became the guest host of the program “China Securities” at CCTV, and host live shows about professional securities, especially senior management personnel interviews; In October 2000, he became the investment adviser at “Beijing Hairong Institutional Investor Service Center”. ZhenShan Yao currently hosts the program “Trading Hours” at CCTV Financial Channel.

Mr. Yao and the team first visited Cresmont, which is the first estate HH FUND purchased. Haoyu guided Mr. Yao to check the sample room, gym, and activity room,etc., and vividly told the story between Cresmont and HH FUND. Then, they took the new shuttle bus from the apartment to the second stop, Varsity. The Chinese Manager of Varsity, Yubo Wang, comprehensively introduced the apartment and the feedback from tenants. The last stop was at Marble Hall Garden, which was acquired by HH FUND in May 2017. Mr. Yao highly praised HH Team, and also provided valuably constructive recommendations.

Mr. Yao was also invited to visit HH FUND office, which locates in Silver Spring, and talked about REITs, service for study-abroad students, and platform built, company listed with HH COO, Gary Chen, CIO, Tony Shen, and Director of Due Diligence, Lee. Mr. Yao provide numerous farseeing suggestions regard to these topics.

Mr. Yao knew better and more comprehensively about HH FUND’s projects and team after this visit. Mr. Yao deeply discussed and communicated about the projects with HH FUND, and he was truly satisfied with the trip. This is a good start of connecting in the future.

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